Private Sessions


Embodyment® yoga therapy, Vichara (self-inquiry) Facilitator


Students may prefer one or several private yoga sessions, designed for their particular situation.


Yoga Therapy may be preferable for students in pain or in need of quicker, deeper healing.  

Sandy utilizes Embodyment® Yoga Therapy, a unique hands-on, clothes-on therapy which quickly places the mind and body into a deep relaxation and healing state. Embodyment® has great success improving many physical problems including back pain, shoulder problems, auto-immune disorders; it calms and restores. 

Embodyment allows clients to delve deep within, to a inner place they may have never before encountered.


Vichara is yoga therapy for the mind.  A certified Vichara therapist works with the patterns of the mind allowing the client to dissolve issues, gently following the mind into the 'deeper' stuff, utilizing techniques which ease the mind through the rough spots.  This is in no way a psychotherapy; Vichara is a guided journey led by the client helping her/him discover and release old patterns and old beliefs.

Vichara sessions are held in person or via telephone or Skype. 


Sandy is a certified Embodyment® Therapist and a certified Vichara facilitator.

      Individual Session - $65             


5 Sessions - no expiration  -  $300


Interested in more concentrated healing?


2 sessions in 1 week - $100*

3 sessions in 1 week - $135*


*if you pay for multiple sessions per week and cancel an appointment, you'll be charged the remainder of the individual rate for your missed appointment.



Fees based on sessions at Sandy's Rancho Bernardo location. Note: you will get the best results with closely spaced sessions.



“The yoga therapy components of my teaching are based on my [non-YAR credential or other qualification], not derived from my status as an [RYT/E-RYT] with Yoga Alliance Registry.”





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